Thursday, 11 October 2012

REVIEW | MUA Trio Eyeshadows | Pink Sorbet | Chocolate Box

Hello lovelies!
 Today's review is for MUA's lovely new trio eyeshadows. I bought these a couple of week's ago when the eyeshadow palette was on offer, so I bought these two to clock up the £8 that I needed to get the free eyeshadow palette. 

I tried getting a good shot of the names, but my camera wouldn't co-operate, so the one on the left is 'Pink Sorbet' and the right one is 'Chocolate Box'.

As you can see the packaging of MUA products is pretty basic, a straightforward black plastic casing with a clear window to see the product, which I think is fab because there's no faffing about trying to see what's inside.  The eyeshadow also comes with it's own applicator, you know, one of those little sponges on a stick. People say they are rubbish and a waste of time, but I really like them. Beats paying upwards of £5 for a eyeshadow brush on it's own!

Anyhoo, I chose these two trios because I wanted something neutral and soft and these were perfect for what I was looking for. They have three different colours in each 'pot', a light, a medium and a dark. I swatched each one so that you could see the difference and the different shades.

As you can see with the Pink Sorbet, the colours are really soft and lovely against my skin tone, so these will suit anyone whose on the paler side of the scale.

The Chocolate Box trio is also really nice on my skin tone, it's got a nice brown and the other two are a nice pink and a shimmery silver, which are similar to the ones in the Pink Sorbet pot.

I love the colours in the pots and how pigmented the MUA eyeshadows are....BUT, one that I don't like about them is that they are a little too shimmery. I tend to go for more matte eyeshadows, as I wear glasses I find shimmery shadows clash a little with my glasses frame, but these are lovely on so I'd definitely recommend them to you. And for £2.50 each you can't go wrong!

Have you tried any MUA products out? What do you think?
Laura x

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