Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend Wishlist #03

Hello lovelies!
 This is my Weekend Wishlist, nothing too exciting this week, I haven't been in the mood for anything lately, but I picked out a few things and I hope you like my picks :)

All of these choices are from the Inspire Collection from New Look. I only just found out New Look did a collection for plus-sized girls a couple weeks ago and I've fallen in love with all of their designs.

From top left - across.
Inspire Cream Owl Print Sweater - £14.99
Inspire Red Checked Shirt - £19.99
(I only just realised the checked shirt only comes in size 18, but it's pretty anyway!)

Bottom left - across.
Inspire 30in Burgundy Supersoft Skinny Jeans - £22.99
Inspire Khaki Military Cross Print Vest - £12.99
Inspire 30in Indigo Denim Bootcut Jeans - £11.99
(The denim jeans are out of stock at the moment!)

I really do love the Inspire collection, the only thing I can fault with them is the prices. The price ranges from £3.49 - £69.99. Even though to some it's not a lot, I can't afford to pay £60 for a top. It's a bit ridiculous to me to spend that much on a top, to be honest.

Also, on Sunday I bought a new jumper from Asda, it's so nice and soft. It has little bobbly bits all over it and Alex keeps hugging me just to feel them! And for just £10 it's a bargain!

So, what do you think to the jumper? How about the Inspire collection?

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