Sunday, 23 September 2012

Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

Hello to my two lovely followers and anyone else reading my little blog! This post isn't anything to do with beauty, it's about my lovely day out at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. My parents heard me mention I'd like to go to the zoo one day, as I'd never been, so they thought it would be a nice surprise for my birthday....I thought it was a little sad as it was my nineteenth birthday, not my ninth. But I really enjoyed! So, I thought i'd come on here and share some of my pictures of the animals and recommend you go for the day out if you're in the area. Oh and wear boots or wellies, it can get a little muddy!

Here goes with the picture overload.
This is me and my lovely boyfriend, Alexander :)

Cutest things I have ever seen <3 

Thank you for looking at my pictures, the meerkats are cute, right?
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See you later,

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