Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ten Day 'You' Challenge, days #06 & #05.

Hey you guys! (Love the Goonies, btw) How is everyone? Got any plans for the weekend? I went out shopping with the family today and bought myself two pairs of shoes from Primark and finally started on my Mum's Christmas presents, which I am really happy about!

I forgot to do the Ten Day 'You' Challenge yesterday, so i'll do two today to make up for it :)

#06: Places.

#06: Rome.
The Trevi Fountain (images taken from Google)

I've wanted to go to Rome since watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie, I think the way the movie was shot makes the place look really beautiful and I love the architect! I'd love to toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain!

#05: Paris.
I went to Paris when I was nine, but I can't really remember a lot about it. 
So I would love to go back and see the Eiffel Tower and explore the city of love!

#04: San Francisco.

I've been in love with San Francisco since growing up and being a fan of the tv show, Charmed. Even though the show was filmed in California, the shots of the city were of San Francisco and it looks beautiful.

#03:  Toronto.

For some reason both me and my Mum have always wanted to go to Toronto, I want to go so that I could go on a flyover and see the Niagara Falls. 

#02: London.

I've lived in England all my life, born and bred here yet I still haven't been down to London. As the picture shows, the city is beautiful to look at and sounds interesting to explore. Plus, Harry Potter was partially filmed in London, so I'd love to visit the places that were used in the film.

#1: New York City.

I've always wanted to go to New York since being a kid and seeing Home Alone 2. I've wrote about it on almost all of my 'ten day' posts, so I won't ramble on about it here. But know I just adore it.

& for my missing yesterdays, here is number #05.

#05: Food.
#05: Chocolate.
#04: Pepperoni Pizza.
#03: Chicken.
#02: Cheese & Onion crisps.
#01: Chocolate Doughnut Sundae.

Nom, nom, nom. I love food, even though I didn't really realise until now that I tend to eat the same food just in different forms....

Anyhoo, i'm off to watch Doctor Who, fingers crossed Rory and Amy don't die, love them!

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