Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The 10 Day 'YOU' Challenge #9.

I don't know if you noticed but I posted three posts on PGR yesterday, is that some kind of record? I suppose the weather wasn't that helpful in motivating me to go out, so the rain must have put me in a blogging mood because I blogged a lot! I'm not sure it will happen again, let's see how the weather turns out today. For my first post today, I will be doing #09 of the 10 Day 'YOU' Challenge. 

#09 - LOVES  
#1: My Parents. It's soppy, but my parents mean the world to me. They're my parents but they seem like my best friends too, which is the best kind of parent-kid relationship in my eyes. They give me their opinions, they let me make my own mistakes, they let me make my own decisions...they give me the space I need to grow up and that's all I could ask for. Parents who are there when I need them and who also know when to step back and let me be independent. 

#2: Getting dressed up. I'm not one to draw attention to myself with fashion and I don't dress to impress as the saying goes. But when there's a special occasion and we go out for a posh meal I love to get dressed up all pretty. This is the only type of occasion where I wear a dress with confidence. I rarely wear dresses on a normal day, so when we go out to a fancy restaurant it's nice to put on a nice frock!

#3: Long drives. I love when we go out and spend an hour or two just driving. It makes me sleepy but I love just relaxing in the back of the car looking at the view, seeing life happening around us and listening to music. Driving at night is my favourite, all the lights make everything so pretty and enjoyable!

#4: Christmas. I explained my love of Christmas in my first day post, but as a re-cap: I love the decorations, the lights, the songs, the movies, the warm feeling it gives me, the fairs, wrapping up warm, snow (hopefully!), presents and family time 

#5: When people remember little things. I love when people remember little things about me or things that I say and forget about. It makes me feel like they care and pay attention to me when I speak, it's a really nice feeling.

#6: Lazy days. I love the occasional lazy day, seriously if these didn't happen I would go crazy. Days just laid in bed watching nothing but tv and movies or reading are heaven to me. 

#7: My bed. I recently got given my parents old bed, that my Mum lovingly sprayed cream, and I also scored their old memory foam mattress topper! If you've ever slept on a memory foam topper or mattress then you will know what I am talking about. My bed is SO comfy, I sometimes consider taking a week full of lazy days!

#8: Buying a new book. I can't find the time to read much lately, but I still buy new books now and again and I love going into Waterstones. The smell of new books is almost (almost!) orgasmic to me (yes, I said orgasmic). I'm not afraid to admit that I am one of those creepy people that like to smell new books, it's not weird, they smell so good and to be the first person the crease the spine is a good feeling!

#9: My boyfriend. We've been together for almost two years now and he's my absolute rock. He's always there for me when things in my life are going shitty. He pushes my buttons and makes me annoyed sometimes, he can piss me off a lot and make things I like seem stupid, but even after all that, I realise that i'm a really lucky girl. He loves me the way that I am, flaws and all. He falls out with me when I say something bad about myself and my weight because he says that he loves the way that I look and he likes my curvy-ness, which I can't complain about!

Laura x

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