Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ten Day 'You' Challenge: #07.

#07 wants.

#07: To lose weight. This is always something i've wanted but never been able to achieve. If I could lose a few stone, i'd feel a lot better in myself and my confidence would be a lot better. So, even though it is a little soon to be making New Year's resolutions, losing weight will definitely be at the top of the list.

#06: To get a job. I've only had one job since I left college and that only lasted for a month because the supervisor didn't like my family, therefore she didn't like me and she didn't everything in her power to get me fired. So, that sucked. But i'm hoping to find a job soon, one that I actually enjoy doing and get paid for.

#05: To go to New York City. I've covered this in my other posts, but going to NYC is something i've always wanted. So, I need the job to get the money saved.

#04: A new dog. In my entire life I have only owned two dogs and they were both german shepherds. We got our first dog, Max, when I was about five years old and we had him up until I was sixteen and I was heartbroken when he died. We were on holiday when my Aunt said the vet had to come out and put him to sleep, so it was heartbreaking not saying bye to him. Our second dog, Cassie, died this past May and again I was devastated because she was perfectly fine one day and the next she was all weak and couldn't walk and she passed in the night and I didn't get to say bye to her either because I wasn't here. So, that's my depressing pet story down. Basically, the garden feels empty. I'm not ready for a new dog just yet, but hopefully i'll be ready sometime next year.

#03: To learn to drive. I feel so lame because I just turned nineteen and have yet to learn to drive. Everyone I used to go to school with has their own car and i'm sat here depending on my Dad to drive me everywhere. So hopefully, sometime this year or beginning of next, I will start getting my driving lessons and my theory done.

#02: Adventure. Right now my life is pretty boring. My time is split between being home or being at my boyfriends and that's it. Don't get me wrong I love being with my boyfriend, I just wish we'd do more stuff together and be adventurous with life.

#01: Chocolate. I can't think of anything deep and meaningful to write for the last one, so right now I am craving chocolate :)

So, there you go, my 7 wants, I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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