Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Passion For Fashion Competition Entry.

So I was having a nosey around a few other beauty blogs and came across some entries about a fashion competition. Now I know my blog is more of a beauty blog than a fashion blog, but this really excited me. I love putting outfits together, even as a kid I used to design my own outfits and I even contemplated getting a mannequin at one point to start making my own, but never really got around to it. So, this here is a chance for me to live my old dreams out :)

The aim of the game is to put together five different outfits, including shoes and any accessories. The five different occasions are: party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear. Each outfit should be under £200 and include the source for each item.
If you want to partake in this competition, here is the link.

So now the details are out of the way, here I go.

I picked the following because I thought they were pretty, girly and ideal for a good boogie. The theme of this outfit is 'nude', it wasn't picked on purpose, but after I picked the dress I tried to blend everything in with it because I think it is gorgeous! I added the berry feather earrings for a bit of added colour as it is a bit nude and I thought they would spice it up a little.
Bracelet - Mix Stone Stretch Wristwear - £7.50
Earrings - Berry Feather Earrings - £7.50
Grand Total: £137.50!

For this outfit my inspiration came from seeing pictures of Emma Watson out and about and I absolutely adore her style. Even when she's just out with friends her outfits are gorgeous! As a BIG fan of jeans, I chose this category to add them in because I basically live in jeans, I always find other trousers don't really suit me that well. I paired the jeans with a grey shirt and shoes because I love how the blue and grey go so well together, I also added the bangles and head band to jazz it up a little bit :)
Jeans - Relaxed Skinny Jeans - £28
Top - Notch Neck Top - £15
Bracelet - Berry Bangle Pack - £12
Grand Total - £73.00!

I'm not really an outdoorsy kind of person, I hate it when it's too warm, but when Autumn/Winter comes I start going out a bit more because I love wrapping up warm and not having to go out with hardly anything on like in Summertime. As you can see the following outfit carries on with the 'berry' theme I didn't notice I'd done. I decided on going with some colourful pants instead of the usual jeans because they look so much cooler and you can mix and match them with lots of different things. I especially love the bomber jacket!
Coat - Bomber Jacket - £35
Shirt - Checked Shirt - £8
Bag - F& F Structured Satchel - £12.50
Grand Total: £89.00!

I cannot tell you how much I loved picking these items! It's been two years since I went on my first date with my boyfriend, so this was a nice chance to do all the planning all over again! As you can see, I went for more of a cute grown up look which I love. I wasn't too sure about the dress as it has cats on it, but from a far it looks really pretty and the jacket really compliments the colour in the dress. I put some boots in there instead of flats because I wanted to give the outfit a bit of edge & teamed with the gold accessories I think it works really well together. (I LOVE the boots!)
Dress - Black Jumbo Cat Print Dress - £19.99
Leggings - Full Length Leggings - £10
Earrings - Gold Look Ball Drop Earring - £3.50
Grand Total: £73.49!

I've never worked in an office, so probably judging from my outfit choice, you can tell. I'm not so sure what the office attire is these days, so I just chose something pretty yet sophisticated.
Dress - Black 2 in 1 Dress - £35
Leggings - Full Length - £10
Jacket - Petra' Suit Jacket - £25
Bracelet - Silver Swirl Clamp - £7.50
Grand Total: £112.50!

Well, that took a few long hours to finish, didn't realise just how long....oops!
I hope you liked and enjoyed my outfits, fingers crossed the judges like them :)
Until next time, see ya! 
Laura x

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