Saturday, 1 September 2012

Holiday Post - Cayton Bay, Scarborough.

My holiday away to good old Scarborough was a success! Even though there's always someone who ruins it, it was a good week with my boyfriend and his family away at Cayton Bay. So, here's some pictures that I managed to get before I broke my camera (oops!).

Me & Alexander, love him to pieces <3

I really enjoyed myself on this holiday. A lot of firsts were done on this holiday too: 
  • Went to the circus.
  • Spent a week in a caravan.
  • Saw a show at the theatre starring the Chuckle Brothers.
  • Met the Chuckle Brothers.
  • Spent a week away from my family.
  • Drank Hooch (my new favourite alcohol beverage!)

So, all in all, this holiday turned out brill. I really enjoyed it. Here's to some more exciting times coming my way.

Laura x

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