Wednesday, 26 September 2012

First Empties Post; August Edition.

Hey guys, i'm back for the last post of the day. I seem to have gotten myself into the habit of posting a couple of posts a day now, i'm not sure if this will be a regular thing or not, but I hope you're enjoying what I post either way!

This is going to be my first 'empties' post! These posts are popular on beauty blogs, so if you're a blogger then you'll know what these posts are, if not, basically it's where I post the products that I have used up in the past month. So, here we go....

1 - SP Balance Serum - This is a serum to make hair stronger and to reduce the amount of hair fall. I use this the night before I plan on washing my hair, I squeeze it out onto my roots, massage it in and leave it to soak in over night. I've noticed a big difference in my hair since I started using this a few months ago, I've definitely stopped losing as much hair and it feels stronger than it has done in a while!

2 - Impulse Very Pink Body Fragrance - I got this as a Christmas present last year and only just got around to using it up. If i'm honest this is too musky for my liking, I prefer the sweeter smelling scents that Impulse produce. 

3 - Girlz Only 'Hazy Days' Dry Shampoo - I bought this from Tesco when it was on sale and I'd run out of my tropical Batiste dry shampoo. I love the smell of this and it makes my hair feel and look clean when used.

4 - System Pro-Vitamin Heat Defence Styling Spray - I always use this right before I use heated styling appliances. This stops the heat from the straighteners/blow dryer/curler from damaging the hair, it also helps protect from sun damage!

Do you use any of these products? What do you think?


  1. I too am a fan of impulse sprays, theyre cheap too! :)

    love your blog, please come and visit me at mine and follow back? I'm new and would appreciate any support! :)


    1. I know, they're amazing especially for the price :)

      love your blog, too :)


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