Friday, 28 September 2012

REVIEW | Evia Mai's Colour Changing Nail Polish Set.

Hello lovelies!
For my birthday last week, my Mum bought my a lovely set of nail polishes by Evie Mai called 'MOOD'. I don't actually get why they are called 'Mood' because the colour changing as nothing to do with your mood, but instead it is powered by the temperature of your hands. I had tried out two or three of the colours and think they are amazing! I wish that there were more colours to choose from, but the colours that are in the set are really pretty!

As you can see the colours are mostly pinks and cooler tones. Right now I am wearing the third one from the left; in the pot it looks dark blue, but, as my hands are a little warm they are currently a nice green shade! I've taken some pictures of the colours on the finger 'warm' and in the pot 'cold'.

As you can see, there is a big difference between the temperature changes.
So, if you're a fan of nail art or fancy nail colours, you will love these!

These are available, along with another nail varnish set, from here.
Laura x


  1. I love the blue/green one!

    1. That's the one i'm wearing at the mo, it's really pretty :)


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