Tuesday, 18 September 2012

REVIEW - ASDA's George Skin Perfection Mousse - Porcelain

I am back on the mend after having the worst cold over the weekend, I literally felt like wearing sunglasses in the house, everything was so bright and hurting my head. BUT, I am back and ready with a new review. This one is for: Asda's George  Skin Perfection Mousse in shade 'Porcelain'

I bought this because I adored the 'Dream Matte Mousse' from Maybelline and i've been looking around for a cheaper version but been disappointed by my findings. I've tried and loved the George brand before, I know some people don't go anywhere near it because it's not a high-end brand, but I think it's great and really good quality for the money.

As you can see the packaging is pretty basic, just a clear glass pot with a black lid on it. Simple. The foundation comes in four different shades - porcelain, ivory beige, natural beige & honey beige - not really much choice there, but I went for the 'porcelain' one and it actually turned out to be a teensy bit too pale for me (gasp!).

The texture of it is almost identical to the 'Dream Matte Mousse' as it is super silky and feels really light between the fingers. It glides on super easy and blends out evenly onto the skin. 

The pot says that it gives 'smooth and silky coverage', which is what it does, the pot doesn't lie. The coverage, to me, is kind of medium, it doesn't give me the coverage i'd like as I can still see my scars through the mousse, but it looks good on and it feels super light and my skin can definitely breath with it on! But like with every mousse or foundation in fact, it doesn't look too good over dry skin, so remember to moisturise and drink plenty of water!

So, if you're looking for something like DMM, but a cheaper alternative then this is your product. It retails for just three small pounds at Asda, along with all their other range of make-up which is also really affordable.
Laura x

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  1. Tammy isaccs20/02/2014, 21:19

    I just got some of that, but in a darker shade ! I think Rimmel London's foundations are...oily...maybelline is okay...but bourjois has some nice thin stuff !


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