Friday, 3 August 2012

WELCOME to Pale Girl Reviews!

Welcome ☀
Welcome to pale-girl-reviews!
This is a brand new blog started and run by me, Laura :)
This blog was actually located over on tumblr, but I didn't like that there wasn't any features to it or much to do really besides just posting and reblogging.
I'm not particularly good at reviewing things, a.k.a. writing, but I give my honest opinion and tell you if I think whatever it is is good or not. So, what you'll get here is an honest review.
As a pale girl I find it quite hard to find make-up, especially foundations, that match my skin tone. So, I thought, since I’ve tried a variation of different brands of make-up, that I’d come on here and give some reviews and maybe help you guys out. I, myself, am a big fan of beauty blogs, and look to them for advice and tips on make-up. So, hopefully, i’ll be able to do the same on here.
Also, since I'm surviving off of JSA at the moment, I'm living on a major budget and so on here you will mostly find budget buys. So this should help anyone else out who's in the same predicament.
So, feel free to take a look around the blog. I'm going to re-post everything from tumblr onto here, so there will be a couple of posts up today, I look forward to seeing you soon!
Laura x

P.S. If you would like me to test any of your products, please contact me on the email in the contact section. I will gladly and happily accept any products as long as they are suitable for my blog and my personal taste.

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