Friday, 24 August 2012

REVIEW - Rimmel London's Stay Matte Foundation - 100 Ivory

If you saw my post yesterday which featured one of my wishlists you will have seen that on it I had put down Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation. Well today after lolling myself out of bed and downstairs I found this foundation popped through my letterbox....
My cousin's been promising to drop off a sample of foundation to me for the past few weeks and remarkably, this is the one she chose for me. (She runs a make-up website selling half price products)

I've just tried Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation for the first time today and it's......quite nice? It's slightly too dark for my skin tone, but it's got a nice texture; not too thick but also, not runny either, so you use the right amount and none goes to waste. It smooths over the skin easily enough and isn't hard to blend. As for hiding those imperfection, this foundation's coverage is definitely light to medium and I found it quite hard to build up, so I had to apply concealer to my scars/pimples so that they weren't as noticeable....

It says that it gives you up to 12 hours of shine control, but I haven't been wearing it long enough to say whether that is true or not. 

So, the downsides to this foundation seem to outweigh the upsides. The colour's not a match, it's not buildable and it doesn't contain an SPF. So, I wouldn't really recommend this to anyone that's pale like myself unless there's a light shade, which I'm not too sure on at the moment. 

Have you tried Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation?
Laura x

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