Friday, 10 August 2012

REVIEW - Vaniqa 11% Cream - Elfornithine - Good for Hirsutism/PCOS sufferers.

This post is a rather embarrassing one for me to put up, but I wanted to post it anyway to help anyone with the same problem as the one that I have and give them something that might help. I 'suffer' from something called Hirsutism, which for me is a side effect of having PCOS. If you don't know, Hirsutism is a condition where women grow excessive hair on their body, especially around the face. I've had this problem for about four years. I've tried laser hair removal, waxing, using an epilator and even the dreaded shaver, but nothing has worked. So, I went to the doctors and finally got prescribed a cream that was specifically designed to slow down the regrowth of facial hair.

I’ve been using this product, Vaniqa 11.5% Elfornithine cream, for just over two months now and I'm finally starting to see a difference to my hair regrowth. I used to have to shave -eeew- every other day to hide my Hirsutism, but now, after using this cream I can comfortably leave it for three days before having to do it again.
I should mention that there are some side effects to this cream, they are quite rare, but they consist of head hair loss or acne, which thankfully I haven’t had any of. But, the doctor will ask to see you a month or so later to check everything’s okay and to make sure that it's safe for you to continue using the cream.
The application is straightforward, just wait five minutes after removing the hair (however way you choose) and apply a thin even layer to the areas and leave to dry. Simple, yet effective. If you have this problem I would definitely suggest giving this a go. From what I understand it works differently on everyone, but, it like me, you're at the end of your tether with it then I'd give it a go.

I should tell you that this product is expensive, especially for the amount that you get. It’s worth the money and it’s a brilliant investment, but it costs around £60 for a 60g tube. If you’re on low income (and live in the UK), go to your doctor, explain how it’s making you feel and they should prescribe it to you for free

Do you have any issues like this?
Laura x
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I’ve had problems with facial hair since I became a teenager and finally when I was 15, I got diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and found out that this was the root to my problem. As you can’t actually cure PCOS, I had to get rid of the hair itself. I’ve tried Laser Hair Removal and that only lasted a couple weeks or so before the hair came back and so, I went back to good old shaving. As we know shaving is not the answer as this makes the problem worse by making the hairs thicker. So, don’t shave! Anyway, I went to my doctor a couple of months or so ago and explained that this was still an issue and they prescribed me this product and it have made my life so much easier. I only have to shave 2-3 times a week now, with the occasional plucking session in between, so I'd urge you to try it!

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